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Special Delivery!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Forward momentum is a good thing... and in this case, it's a great thing! We are happy to announce that EFT Services, Inc., a global shipping and delivery company has joined our family of clients. ETF specializes in creating superior solutions for their clientele, most of whom come from North, Central and South America. But big things are happening at ETF. Big things that go beyond the box and soon even more borders. Stay tuned as we will have more news on our special delivery in the coming weeks!
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Making the commitment.

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Many small business owners get very cautious when it comes to committing to investing in their online business solutions. Let's face it, not every small business has the same needs. The question usually arises "I don't really think I can afford it." But the bigger question is - can you afford to not have a smart online business solution. Properly deployed, your online business solution should be a place where you have the ability to control all of your outbound communications, know who's been visiting your site, how is traffic this month compared to last month, what do my sales look like and what about doing a great email campaign... Now you actually can have that access all from one site - yours. Yes, finally a solution for the rest of us, right? A place where I don't need to be a techno-geek to access and update my site. If you haven't done so yet, I invite you to take a look around this site. There's ton's of informative videos and content overviews that should give you the comfort level enough to commit to growing our business and increasing your bottom line.
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Get Smart!

Sunday, August 16, 2009
Welcome to the launch of the Smarter by Design Online Blog! It sure is a mouthful to say but, heck, this is one robust online solution we've got here. We're glad that you're here to explore and learn just how powerful the internet truly is and how incredible your online business can be. Funny, huh? An online solutions company professing that "Websites are dead!"  but, seriously, they are. No longer does it suffice to have the age-old electronic brochure. Those days are gone like the dinosaur and thankfully not coming back. But here at Smarter by Design we've got everything covered for you. One site. One Login. Total Access!
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