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Better Safe

Monday, November 28, 2011

Smarter By Design, Inc. has just recently launched a site for a unique company that does one thing and one thing only... They are Safe-Tec Clinical Products, LLC and that one thing they do is collect blood. Okay, well, they don'y collect the blood themselves, but rather they create what most certainly is the world's "go-to" solution for collecting blood. Worldwide, physicians and clinicians and their patients rely on Safe-Tec, LLC's products for safe, reliable blood collection.

When you get a moment, we recommend that you click through to get a sample for yourself about just how focused they are

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My Mentor I Never Met

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So, like many, many designer/mac-maniacs I, too, was greatly saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs. You see, Steve was the mentor that I never got to meet and I somehow feel I am not alone on this one.. as you can see here. For me it went beyond the coolness of Apple, Mac, iPod, iPads etc. It was simply watching how enthusiastic this man was about what he was doing. Focused on his vision and passion for design and simplicity and to always improve and go beyond expectation. He helped take us all to wonderful places we never knew we wanted to go. But Steve knew. I admired him, albeit from afar, as he redefined American innovation, drive and the way we all are able to access the world. He placed it squarely, comfortably in the palm of our hands. He helped those of us in the field of communications better understand how to communicate, how to present. How to emote that thing inside of us that motivates us to create and improve on the world around us. Steve was great to watch. To listen to. To admire. I, for one, will greatly miss him.

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I Do Guru

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recently, Brent Weaver, of BC Gurus and Hot Press Web, was in Philadelphia at a conference and sat down with Art Stiefel of Smarter by Design - an experienced agency pro that uses Adobe's Business Catalyst technology as his go-to for building online businesses.

You can see the entire interview video here at BC Gurus.

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Laser Sharp

Friday, April 22, 2011
With laser sharp instincts Smarter By Design, Inc. has launched the website for Philadelphia and the East Coast's solution for learning laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, skin rejuvination laser and other techniques. The site is going to be used to grow awareness for the institute as well as serve as a contact point for those interested in expanding their careers to included the growing area of laser based skin care. Take a look at to learn more.
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It's A Win-Win!

Sunday, January 23, 2011
We are ecstatic to report that our efforts of smart branding and strong execution have paid off with some international recognition. Yes, Smarter By Design has won two very prestigious awards for our work on the CLR Design website. The awards we won are a silver for the International Davey Awards and another silver for the W3 Awards. Both shows brought in thousands of entries from around the globe and awards were given to those firms that developed communications that built brands and moved people. We are proud and honored to have been recognized.
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Mitsch for America - Goes Live

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wow! We just launched a site that is so chock-filled with content, insight and wisdom it's bound to make a major - albeit positive - impact on the the real estate and mortgage industries across the U.S. The site is for America's Leading Financial Crisis, Real Estate and Mortgage Expert. And, The Real Estate Industry's Leading All-Time Top Producing Residential Realtor... None other than Phil Mitsch.

The site, at, is one of the most comprehensive online resources for insights and inspirations on how best to make our way through the current economic crisis and beyond.

It's got everything for anyone who buys homes, sells homes... heck, if you live in a home then this site has all kinds of wisdom to go around!

And did we mention, Wow?!

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A CLR Winner

Saturday, July 17, 2010
Smarter By Design, Inc. partnered with CLR Design, an architecture, landscape architecture and exhibit design firm, based in Philadelphia, for the redesign and branding of their online presence. The mission was to explore new ways to convey what it was, exactly, that the firm had to offer. The answer, it seems, was there for the plucking right off the shelves at CLR Design itself. You see, as it turns out one of CLR's lead partner's had been creating sketch journals for years that covered each and every exploratory venture that he and other team members embarked on at the beginning of all of their assignments. Whether they were designing a zoo exhibit right here in Philadelphia or an entire animal habitat in the Far East, an illustrious journal of said journey was captured in beautifully rendered pen and ink as well as watercolor and coloured pencil.

The trick was how to capture that sense of the journal, the journey and adventure all while conveying the high degree of deliverable that CLR Design brought for their clients. The resulting website managed to do just that. Go on a web-surfing safari right here at and see for yourself!
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Packed with Great Stuff!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Smarter By Design this week launched an incredible new site for our friends at Hanover Packaging, located in Hanover PA (not far from those pretzel people!) Hanover Packaging is a great company owned by and equally great couple, Larry and Rhonda Chatzkel. They are spearheading new initiatives that have taken the company to some very unique places - for instance - they are one of the world's very few eco-friendly packaging and printing companies to be 100% Wind Powered, EPA Green Certified and an EPA Climate Leader.

Hanover has an amazing 85+ years of "A Tradition of Innovation" that they continue to back up. Not only with their proprietary packaging designs but also but continuing to push forward with things like their addition this year of the Rapida 106 printing press.

We're happy that Hanover chose Smarter By Design, Inc. - Philadelphia's online branding, website design and results company - for relaunching their online presence!
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Livin' Large

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
We're "Livin' Large" here at Smarter By Design Online as we announce the launch of the Gotham Group online business site. The Gotham Group is a large format printing company providing solutions for local and national clients. They needed to scale up their online game with bigger and broader solutions for their current and prospective clients. Smarter By Design Online designed and developed a unique solution for them that gives their clients proprietary portals for placing order for new and/or replacement posters, banners etc. But Gotham not only produces great looking large scale printed pieces, they also craft and complete all kinds of vehicle wraps and graphics. Check 'em out at You'll see they're a pretty BIG deal!
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All's Well with Strella MedSpa

Monday, November 16, 2009

We are feeling really great about the launch of the new site we designed and developed for Strella MedSpa. This medical practice, located in Spring House, Pennsylvania, has just opened their doors and is accepting registrations for new patients. Butcha better hurry because this is a very special group of doctors who are taking in a very special group, albeit a controlled number, of individuals and families to become a part of their practice's extended family. You can see the new site and learn all about the incredible medical and aesthetic services they provide just stop by their offices at 1108 Bethlehem Pike- in Spring House, PA or 255 S. 17th Street in Philadelphia - right off of Rittenhouse Square. Or give them a call at 215-793-9999 or visit them at you'll feel better once you do!

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